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Staying confident when you don’t have the answers

Let’s set the scene:

You’re in a client meeting, going over details for an upcoming campaign. You’ve run through all the pertinent information, answered a bunch of questions and you’re confident you’ve hit all the bases and are ready to get out of the meeting and move onto other things. But wait – your client has one more question to ask.

You listen attentively and open your mouth to answer when the question is complete but – oh no! – you don’t actually know the answer! You begin to sweat and you’re at a loss. What do you do now?

Like those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books I loved as a kid (and Neil Patrick Harris’ autobiography – genius approach btw!), there are a number of ways this could play out. Unfortunately, though, “I don’t know” and a quick escape is not an option and, regardless of how you proceed, confidence is key. Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your confidence up on each adventure.

If you suddenly know the answer…
…Speak slowly to keep yourself calm.

It’s great that the answer just came to you, but remember to stay calm and steady. An answer is no good if no one can understand it. Take a breath, take a minute to think it through and then begin your answer.

If you think you know the answer, but need an extra minute…
…Ask to clarify or repeat the question.

Buy yourself an extra minute by asking your client to repeat their question. If they begin to clarify what exactly they’re looking to know, the explanation may trigger something in your memory to help you come to your answer.

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If you don’t know the answer, but it’s something you should know…
…Say “I don’t have all of the information on hand to answer that, but I can get it for you by XX.”

This is my least favorite of the scenarios. It’s no fun to be caught even the least bit unprepared. But by admitting that you don’t have the information you should in front of you, you’re being honest, which is always appreciated. By offering a concrete deadline, you’re showing that you do take the question seriously and are already working on having the correct information ready for your client.

If the question is unrelated to the discussion…
…Say “I don’t know about that, but I can tell you…”

People go off-topic sometimes. That’s a given. The best way to steer the conversation or questions back to relevant items without being rude is to answer with information similar to what your client asked about, but related to the discussion.

If you don’t know, but you think someone on your team does…
…Say “I don’t have the answer to that, but I’m pretty sure XX does!”

It’s totally ok if you don’t have an answer, but someone else on your team does. That’s great actually! It means that you’re all working as a team, you’ve been able to appropriately delegate tasks to ensure that all tasks are completed and the best people for the job have been working on it. You may either put your client in touch with the right person or get the answer for them in a timely manner.

If you really don’t have the answer…
…Say “That’s a great question! I don’t have an answer at the moment, but I’ll find it!”


It’s unfortunate, but we can’t have all the answers all the time. Admit what you don’t know and  reassure your client that you’re on it and will find an appropriate answer to satisfy them.

Remember, no matter what the situation is, remain calm, cool, collected and confident!

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Hairdressing and Skincare Tips – Prgirldiaries

People usually try for the greatest solution for nearly any kind of hair services or treatment. Some also require special skin and the entire body services. From hair products to body and health health spa remedies, youll be able to find any factor nowadays for your proper proper care of your body. In addition, if you are getting any kind of problem, for example connected with thinning hair, you will find expert assistance in your town online.


The net features a complete catalog of hair products required for daily use, or taking proper proper care of a distinctive hair problem. You are getting solutions for faster new hair growth, thicker hair, itching, eczema, flaking, sores, dried-out skin etc. Keep in mind, you cannot be 100 % certain the solution works. Inside the worst situation, the remedy might backfire making a lot more problems. Listed here are a couple of quick tips:

· Consume food wealthy in omega-3 fatty chemicals and proteins like nuts, nuts, milk, eggs and fatty fish

· Avoid tepid to warm water for laundry hair, use best curling wand for curls.

· Dont choose shampoos with ammonium lauryl sulfate because it is a difficult lathering agent

· Use creams which have zinc since the ingredient to fight off fungi and bacteria just just in case of tickly scalp

· Massage the scalp regularly to facilitate natural oil for the hair and enable good blood stream flow.


Common skin problems involve acne, acne, dried-out skin, under-eye under-eye circles, wrinkling of skin etc. A firming serum for getting rid of people lines and wrinkles is quite common. Although the market is stuffed with products which guarantee rapid results, along with a couple of may even carry out the extended term outcomes of using such products remains uncertain. Due to this, always spend extra on examined and licensed skincare products. Listed here are a couple of quick ideas to make certain the skin is and also rejuvenated every single day:

· Face wash, ideally with natural components, may be used two occasions every day

· High quality sunscreens by getting an SPF above 30 must apply to skin. Ensure the sun block provides protection against Ultraviolet sun sun sun rays.

· For radiant skin, find skin products which have anti-oxidants like vitamin E antioxidant or vitamin C.

· Experts declare that many layers like basic principles shouldn’t be left applied on the skin simply because they block the pores and enable bacteria to acquire lodged included. So make certain to get rid of all constitute employing a constitute remover prior to deciding to fall asleep.…

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PR Girl 101: What makes a PR girl?

What is a PR Girl?

PR Girl (n): An ambitious, creative, dedicated creature with exceptional organizational & leadership skills.


A PR girl is always on top of things.

She’s the one with questions prepared for a meeting, a well-organized datebook and an answer for all the important questions.

A PR girl is always prepared.

Whether it’s an impromptu meeting on a Tuesday or a last-minute happy hour, a PR girl is ready for whatever.

A PR girl knows all the best places.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the hottest dinner spot, a new outfit, the best brunch in your neighborhood or nearly anything else, she’ll have the perfect place for you.

A PR girl is always connected.

It goes hand-in-hand with always being on top of things. She’s never very far from her phone and a wifi connection. She responds to emails at all hours and can always be relied on for a speedy answer.

A PR girl is up on the latest trends.

The newest piece of tech, the hottest fashion accessory, the latest advancement in her field – it doesn’t matter, she’s already on it or got it. From knowing which vitamin c brands are leading the market to helping you find the right concealers for your makeup kit.

A PR girl is determined & resourceful.

She never gives up, whether it’s to land a client, secure a pitch or anything else she may set her sights on. This girl is at the top of her game.

A PR girl is organized.

Her datebook is an appendage, not an accessory. Her datebook is her bible; it holds her meticulously outlined schedule, her diligent notes and her carefully curated to-do list. She always knows where everything she needs is, even if no one else can quite find it.

What else do you think makes a PR Girl?…

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